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The Thing About Spring...

One of my favourite words is "Metanoia". It means to turn from the darkness toward the light.

The thing about spring - the reason I cherish this season - is that it is the actual physical embodiment of Metanoia. We move from the lengthy days of darkness into longer and longer days of light. The seedlings move up from the darkness of the soil toward the sunshine. As all this happens around me, I am reminded to keep seeking the light myself.

Spring reminds me to continue to practice patience, presence, contentment in the slowness of daily growth. I try to remind myself to live in a state of metanoia. When the news gets dark, I try - as Fred Rogers reminded us - to see the helpers. When the slog of daily life gets draining, I remind myself of all the simple joys in each moment to be savoured.

The thing about spring is that it reminds us that hope, just like light, is essential to life. So we must always try to seek both.


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