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The Honey and the Hive

Bees are not alone in creating honey and hives. For humans, our "hives" are the places we make our homes. The places where we invest ourselves - our energy and our time; the places we furnish with the hard work of our busy and creative hands. Just like bees, our "honey" is also the sweet fruit of our labour; the foods we eat, the love that others get to share.

This is the joy, and the beauty of the honey and the hive.

They exist so perfectly in nature and also act so perfectly as metaphors

for some of our own most sacred and important human pursuits.

Here I am beginning my own pursuit.

A blog. A space to cultivate and collect and convey. A place to share and show and shine a little light on that which I find moving.

The goals of this blog are simple. Share what I love. Show what I create. Shine a light on all the beauty of an ordinary, extraordinary life.

Welcome to Honey and Hive.


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