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Meatballs and Compromise

One of the most insane debates that Mike and I ever had ... was about ground meat. I mean it. For real. Ground. Meat. On the long walk home from a house party, when we were in our blissfully time-filled 20s, we argued heatedly, and at great length, about ground meat. We were crazy kids. And ... there may have been a bit of wine fuelling this ridiculous argument. To date, the disagreement stands as a great victory for one of us, and a crushing defeat for the other.

Now, I'm not naming names, but one of us thought that ground veal was the exact same thing as ground pork. And one of us knew that veal was very, VERY different from pork. One is COW. The other, PIG. End of argument. However, someone was so convinced that these two meats were exactly the same thing that we argued about it for half an hour. This was the kind of thing 20 somethings did back before iPhones could solve all our "meat-related trivia", instantaneously.

Now, fast forward 20 years. While Mike and I still laugh about the "meat debate" incident, time has since taught us important lessons in choosing your battles. These days, we acknowledge the ridiculousness of fighting about which meat is which. That is because we both now realize it is far more productive to skip the fight, and just ... mix both meats together! Because then we can simply call them "the best meatballs ever". Compromise, people. Delicious. compromise.

(Of course, I am still right though. And Mike is reminded of this each time we make these meatballs).

Nonna's Traditional Italian Meatballs


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